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Slipper – book trailer

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Hester wanted her book trailer to be something that would definitely say Not A Romance Novel. Maybe with music? This is what we came up with. All the art is historical, if not hysterical.


Meanwhile we designed the book cover, too.

slipper jacket

Hester’s historical novel, SLIPPER, is out now. It’s available from  Amazon.comBarnes &, and

Slipper is the most engaging novel I have read in a long time.  Part romantic love story, part fairy tale, part feminist commentary, this is a wonderful, old fashioned novel to be savored. It is as if a graduate student had stumbled upon a handwritten, 19th century manuscript in the British Library, read it, and declared, ‘There was a fourth Bronte sister —  and she was the most talented of the brood!'” — Daniel Klein, best-selling author of Travels with Epicurus, Plato and Platypus Walk into a Bar and others

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